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Curiosity Cabinet of Gendered Objects
(home edition)


Nov 25 - Dec 4, 2022

PMQ, Central, Hong Kong

As part of

deTour 2022 Design Festival

Special thanks

Hong Kong Federation of Women's Centres 

School of Architecture, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

The setting of our homes speaks of who we are, filled with curious objects embedded with meanings that are often taken for granted. Household items like an ironing board or cooking pans reflect how gender identity operates in a domestic space. Do household items have gender? Are particular objects seen as more male- or female-oriented? If so, what is the design rationale behind these gendered objects?


This installation invites visitors to reflect upon the gender expression of everyday domestic objects. In a condensed setting like a curiosity cabinet, these objects are on display for visitors to attach a gender sticker to the item of their choice. Through public participation, this work create a collective image of how we perceive gender identity at home.


Female | 20 y.o.

“The language in our country (France) has gender. The ironing board for example is female, whereas the apron is male. ”

Male | 30 y.o.

“Oh, so only men have itchy backs!” (pointing at the scratcher filled with male stickers) 

Male | 30 y.o.

“A few objects that are particularly gendered, such as the horse race paper and combs. So I deliberately tagged the horse race paper with the opposite gender (female) sticker.”

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