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Exhibition Tour
at deTour 2022
Design Festival


Dec 4, 2022

PMQ, Central, Hong Kong

Special thanks

Hong Kong Federation of Women's Centres

After the deTour exhibition, we invite two groups of women and listen to their views on the gender expression of household objects, especially those they used frequently. The majority of female participants are housewives and retired women who spend most of their time at home. So what do they think of household objects from the gender perspective? 

In this exhibition tour, participants are first invited to identify the gender of household items and attach a sticker to them. They then pick one item which related to their everyday life and share their story about it.

30 y.o. | Plush Toy | Neutral Sticker

"The way we identify the gender of objects seems to be influenced by our education and living environment. In my family, my father was responsible for sweeping the floor, but gradually this job passed to me, not my brother, so I think women own the broom. "

"Whale picture books are popular with my two boys, but the author is a woman. So I put a neutral sticker on this whale plush toy because I believe both girls and boys can love whales."

50 y.o. | Broom | Female Sticker

"The first reason for choosing this lamp is that it is practical and suitable for the bedroom. Second is that its design is lovely with decorative functions. The last reason is that the light is orange, creating a warm feeling, which is a trait that we women have."

50 y.o. | Broom | Female Sticker

"The broom belongs to women because I usually clean my house. The light weight of this broom allows it to clean many corners, including the ceiling, so there is no need to get help from man. The experience of cleaning comes from accumulating and practising over time, which many men may not be aware of.

55 y.o. | Laptop Holder | Male Sticker

"I chose this laptop holder because my grandson is always using the iPad at home, which is very practical for him."

40 y.o. | Cooking Utensils | Female Sticker

"The cooking utensils for me are female because women have always done the cooking at home, but oddly enough, the chefs outside are mostly male."

70 y.o. | Umbrella | Neutral Sticker

"This kind of umbrella with a long handle is very useful for our age. It can be used as a walking stick except on rainy days."

55 y.o. | Apron | Neutral Sticker

"I chose this apron because I always use it, and its design is simple and neutral, which is suitable for everyone in the family. For a more feminine look, I can embroider it."

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