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We take creative design initiatives to bring awareness to gender issues in everyday living.

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Fung Sze Wai Veera


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Yiu Hoi Lam Melody

Creative Partner


Zhu Tong Yun Terrie

Research Assistant

About Us

Comprising Veera Fung and Melody Yiu, Atelier In. is an architectural collaborative that aims to bring awareness to gender issues in everyday living through research and creative design initiatives. Working with women and gender minorities, our work establishes collaborative networks that inspire and empower people toward a gender-inclusive environment. The experience and insight gathered from different projects will be transformed into accessible knowledge, to evoke thoughts, discussions, and action plans for community implementation of a better living. 

Our Team

Veera Fung | Founder 

Veera Fung is an architectural designer and currently a PhD candidate at the School of Architecture, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her research focuses on gender and domestic architecture, exploring how objects, space, and everyday practices at home constitute the construction of gender identity. With her profound interest in community empowerment and social innovation, she questions how a gender-inclusive environment and design can support people’s lives and work, and ultimately, unleash their full economic capacity. Prior to her scholarly pursuit, Veera practiced in London and local offices and engaged in architectural projects ranging from interior renovation, private housing, institution, to large-scale development.

Melody Yiu | Creative Partner

Melody Yiu is an urban designer and researcher with a focus on cultural architecture, institutions, and public space. Her prior practice in urban design is recognized through award-winning projects of large-scale masterplan, sustainable development, and urban landscape. Since returning to Hong Kong in 2018, Melody takes this professional knowledge and insight, integrating it with her interest in cultural practice to pursue research on urbanism and cultural development issues. She is currently a lecturer and PhD candidate at the School of Architecture, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

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