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Her Place Her Say:
Empower Women through Design


June - July, 2022

Hong Kong Federation of Women's Centres

Special thanks

Hong Kong Federation of Women's Centres 

Through three design thinking + participatory exercises workshops, this project aims to develop creative problem-solving skills for the female participants. It encourages participants to have a stake in their own living environment and envision a better place for women. 


Together with the HKFWC,  we conduct the workshops in Shum Shui Po district (SSP), Fan Ling and Wah Fu. We believe that this cross-district experience enables a diverse exchange among participants of different backgrounds.  By working with and learning from other women with similar experiences, we are able to create various solutions for a more inclusive environment in SSP.

Workshop I

Gendered Bodies Experience Workshop

Date Held: June 16 & 17, 2022

In reference to the World Bank’s Handbook for Gender-Inclusive Urban Planning Design, the first workshop is the buy-in session that involves two activities, namely Step-Up and Star Diagram. Participants are asked a series of questions about the feeling of safety and comfort experienced by different gendered bodies in various parts of the neighbourhood.

Workshop II

Body-in-Space Mapping Workshop

Date Held: July 9 & 16, 2022

The second workshop is a walk audit session where participants tour the designated park and market and collect information about the physical aspects of the area. They experience them with fresh eyes and pay attention to the obstacles that women, girls, and other gendered bodies might face in their everyday life.

Through multiple discussions with the organizers, design facilitators, and among themselves, the participants acknowledge the complexity and variety of needs among different gendered bodies and critically evaluate these needs from the gender-inclusive perspective. 

Workshop III

Public Space Expression Workshop

Date Held: July 23, 2022

Together with the designer facilitators, participants are able to create models of the ideal Shek Kip Mei Street Rest Garden and Ap Liu Street shopping area using their newly acquired knowledge and insight.

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