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What would a non-sexist city look like?:
Accessibility and Female Bodies

Panel Speaker and Discussion 

Aug 21, 2022

Eaton HK

As part of

Women's Festival 2022

Special thanks

WFHK Foundation Limited.

What is the spatial experience of a woman in the city? In this panel discussion hosted by gender historian Izumi Nakayama, we shared the experience of a recent public space design workshop, and discussed with Joyce Fung of Free Periods Hong Kong on gender-inclusive urban design and how the female-body situates in the urban environment in Hong Kong. 

Veera presented the problem of how the city is predominately designed by and for the dominant male, which leads to daily issues encountered by girls and women whose need were not sufficiently considered. Our workshop with ladies from local communities to envision gender-inclusive public space was introduced, as a case to discuss the challenges for women in urban space and the opportunities for better design. With feedback from the panellists and participating audiences, a key takeaway is the importance to identify gender issues with public space survey to bring awareness, and begin with small initiatives to empower women in making changes to everyday environment.

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